Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 1


Chapter 1: One becomes two; two become three

It’s a dark wet night. Rain slides down the faces of people walking outside; shopping for such things as leather shoes and groceries. Down a dark alleyway a man is doing a drug deal with another man. One of the men hands the other man a briefcase full of 100 dollar bills. The man opposite the first man hands him a sports bag full of white powder (aka Cocaine), the second man then takes the suitcase of money to another man named Mr. X – the villain of Streets of Rage: The Novel. This happens much later on though; Mr. X is not down the alley but inside his mansion drinking a thousand dollar bottle of champagne in his gold swimming pool at the time of the deal.


Meanwhile in a police station, Axel is flicking through his fileodex looking for his next perp to beat up and arrest. He opens his drawer, takes out a dart and throws it like a pro at the fileodex. It lands on a picture of Mr. X. Adam, Axel’s best friend who sits right next to him in the office, sees this and makes a nervous scared sound and tells Axel to leave it. Mr. X is untouchable as he has the entire city in the palm of his hand, even the police, Adam warns Axel.


Axel has blonde hair, stonewashed blue jeans and a perfect jawline. He has enjoyed many women and can sleep with any one he likes simply by taking off his shirt and listening to their concerns. He lives in a penthouse apartment and practices martial arts every night. His favourite dead celebrity is Bruce Lee, his favourite alive one is Mike Tyson. His best friend is Adam. Adam is black and wears a yellow muscle t-shirt. He’s protective of Axel but not weird with it. Adam’s favourite hobby is kickboxing, which he has recently won a black belt in.


Axel thanks Adam for his concern and gets out of his chair. Where are you going asks Adam to Axel. Somewhere to do something I should have done a long time ago, says Axel to Adam. I’m going to get that sonofabitch Mr. X once and for all. You’re crazy, says Adam, but so am I. I’ll join you till the bitter end, but it would be good to have a little more help. Do you know of anyone who could make us a threesome? I know just the person says Axel; someone who would help us go down in a BLAZE of glory. Who Blaze, says Adam. Yes replies Axel with a wry smile. Blaze.


To be continued…



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