Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Blaze Runner

Blaze is running on an athletics track. Blaze is a female police officer whom is not working today so is enjoying some much deserved R&R by running, which is her favourite thing to do when she is not working. Blaze, Axel and Adam go way back. They used to play cops when they were babies; this continued right through school and then college and then in real life when they finally realised their dreams and became fully fledged police officers. Blaze is the calm, brains of the trio. Once, the three of them were all stuck in a puzzle room of sharp implements and had to find a way to escape or get killed. Only Blaze worked out how to solve the puzzle – had she not been there, the others would have most likely died that day.


Axel and Adam are standing by the race track. Axel signals Blaze and she stops running on the track to run over to him instead. Hello Blaze, says Axel. I guess you need my help with something, she smiles. Yes, me and Adam are going after Mr. X and need all the help we can get. It’s going to be a violent battle on the streets to reach him but with your help we think we can succeed. Also, are you still in touch with that guy who drives a police car and steps outside to fire a bazooka? Blaze gets out her mobile telephone. I’ll ring him now she says. Does that mean you’re in, says Adam. Yes, consider us a justice triangle. Great analogy Blaze, did you just think of that, smiles Axel. Yes I did, says Blaze.


Meanwhile, at a drive thru restaurant a man in a police car with a bazooka is eating a burger. His phone rings. He answers it and on the other end is Blaze. We don’t hear what she says but what we do hear is the man’s reply. I’m on my way, he says. He kisses his bazooka, turns on the radio (it’s playing a gangster rap version of the Streets of Rage soundtrack) and puts his foot down on the accelerator. Exhaust smoke fills the air; air soon to be filled with justice smoke.


To be continued…


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