Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Galsia’s Happy Ending

Mr. X is hitting a punch bag with the ferocity of a heavyweight boxer on the verge of winning the heavyweight title at Caesars Palace. His fists pound the bag and you can literally see the aftershocks wobbling through the air like some kind of angry butterfly effect. A man named Galsia with red hair and a denim jacket walks into the room with a message. Mr. X doesn’t acknowledge him and instead continues to hit the bag. Mr. X, Galsia says with trepidation, I come with word that three police officers are walking towards your mansion to arrest you. Mr. X stops punching the bag and turns to Galsia. Galsia, he says in a voice that sounds like a rusty engine being rolled down a mountain, let them come. He then grabs Galsia with his left hand, lifts him up like a microphone but instead of singing into him he punches a hole through his stomach using his right hand. Blood and internal organs fly everywhere. Mr. X laughs maniacally. Sadly, Galsia dies. What’s even sadder though is that this was only Galsia’s third day on the job. He was a good person at heart, didn’t really care much for Mr. X and actually wanted to be a police officer, but was too short.


Mr. X walks over to his mobile telephone, picks it up and says that he wants every one of his men and women out on the streets right now. He will pay $1,000,000 to the person who manages to bring him the dead heads of the three police officers. He slams the phone down on to the desk and it smashes into myriad pieces. It doesn’t matter however; he has thousands of them.


Galsia’s ghost leaves his body and transcends up to heaven. At the pearly gates he walks nervously towards the person holding that book that determines whether you can get inside or not. The man with the book looks directly into Galsia’s eyes and can see that deep down he is a good person. I understand that you wanted to be a police officer on Earth, the man holding the book asks. Yes, that’s right, Galsia replies. Well, today is your lucky day, the man says, and hands him a badge and a gun. You can be part of the heaven police he says, and a tear falls down Galsia’s cheek. So in the end Galsia’s was a happy ending after all.


Mr. X has a nuclear warhead.


To be continued…


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