Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 4


Chapter 4: Dojo of Rage

12 hours earlier, Tuesday: Axel and Adam and Blaze are in the police dojo showing each other their special move attacks and talking about coming up with the ultimate plan of strategy in order to defeat Mr. X’s army and then ultimately Mr. X himself. Axel’s special move is a flaming uppercut accompanied by the words ‘Rising Upper’ – upper being short for uppercut. Adam’s special move is a left elbow that turns into a dragon and Blaze’s signature attack sees her perform a gymnastic style backwards flip kick which arouses her two partners upon sight. However; Axel and Adam both vow to keep their true feelings for Blaze under wraps for fear of ruining the special bond that they all share, but also out of professionalism and respect for the art of police-ism.


After 5 hours of tough intense sparring, the air in the dojo turns a dark hue of black as in strides the chief of police, joined by 30 of his nearly best cops (His best cops are Axel, Adam and Blaze). Is it true that you’re going after Mr. X, the chief says angrily. Yes. We’re bringing him in and are prepared to die or kill him in trying to do so, Axel shouts defiantly. Adam and Blaze do an inside smile proudly upon hearing these words.


Axel’s words anger the chief however, so the chief orders Axel, Adam and Blaze to surrender their police badges. Who needs badges, says Adam, all I need is my moral compass and the support of my brother and sister in arms. How touching, laughs the chief sarcastically, before ordering his men to attack our heroes. The 30 police lose the fight and the chief is forced to retire out of embarrassment.


Back on to the topic of special attacks though, and they all have one special ace up their sleeves; an ace that was cleverly foreshadowed in Chapter 2. If you wish to have a ‘spoiler alert’ then re-read that chapter with more alertness. However; if you wish to have a more satisfying conclusion at the end of this novel then just go straight to the next chapter when it’s published. The latter direction is the one that your author recommends you take. The cliffhanger of this chapter is thus that decision.


To be continued…


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