Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Shiva’s War Room Update

Mr. X is in the very early stages of crushing a puppy between the fingers of his hands. The puppy looks up at Mr. X with sadness eyes and Mr. X looks down at the puppy with nonchalant eyes. All the puppy did was earlier that night take half of his favourite Italian loafers and hide them underneath his drugs. His overreaction to this playful act is a sign of Mr. X’s obvious evil, but worry not those reading this with concerns about the wellbeing of the puppy: Mr. X is interrupted by a knock at the door of the room that he is inside of and in a moment of distraction releases the puppy. The puppy, seizing a chance for freedom, escapes through a low window and a few days later finds a new owner who owns a family that treats him much better.


Standing at the door after knocking it is Mr. X’s right-hand man Shiva, a black haired ninja dressed in black karate robes and who is a better fighter than Mr. X but not as money powerful, and thus knows his place in the pecking order. It’s time, says Shiva to Mr. X. Mr. X then leaves the room and heads towards his secret war room located in the basement of his mansion. The war room looks like an evil version of NASA. There are computers everywhere and large TV screens on the walls showing complex looking maps, graphs and statistics. Is the nuclear warhead ready, asks Mr. X with impatience. Almost, replies a man sat at a desk. In 2 hours we’ll be ready to launch and then New York will be no more, adds the man. Excellent, says Mr. X.


Any word from the police chief, asks Mr. X to Shiva. Nothing yet, I’ll ring him for us to get an update, he replies. Shiva then takes a mobile telephone from out of his pocket, punches a several digit number into it and then holds the phone to his ear and near his mouth to ready himself for conversation. The phone is answered a few moments later but we don’t see or hear by whom. We only hear the word What!, which is shouted by an angry Shiva in response to what he hears down the phone. Shiva then ends the call, throws the phone in the air and then scorpion kicks it into a nearby furnace to which it is instantly destroyed through burning.


What news have you about the dojo attack, says Mr. X to Shiva. Shiva responds to his question thusly: the chief says that his 30 police were defeated in the most impressive way possible and that he is no longer a police chief following a decision to retire from the force. He says that Axel, Adam and Blaze are now on their way to the mansion having finished their training. He also says that they are stronger than ever before and that their new special attacks are the most strongest ones they have ever created.


Great, let the game begin, says Mr. X. Let the game begin, he repeats, but after a short pause and this time in a slightly more ominous tone.


To be continued…


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