Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Tonight we Dine-r in Hell

Axel, Adam and Blaze place all of their 6 feet on the street and within seconds of the bottom of their soles hitting the wet oily tarmac they are confronted by the first wave of Mr. X’s clone army, made up of men named Garcia who all have red hair and wear blue denim jackets (Garcias are not to be confused with Galsia from Chapter 3; he is someone different entirely and was regrettably killed via a powerful punch through his stomach by Mr. X). Some of the Garcias are armed with fists; others carry knives in the manner of someone competing in an egg and spoon race, but all have one intention planted firmly inside of their heads: destroy Axel, Adam and Blaze at any cost.


Adam turns to Axel and says, I’ve got your back, but I sure hope you know what you’re doing. You know me Adam, Axel replies, I never know what I’m doing but what I do always know is the importance of doing justice and it is that which keeps the blood pumping in my veins and strength coursing through my muscles. Nicely put, smiles Blaze. Thanks, says Axel, before saying: right, let’s kick some denim.


Axel runs up to a group of Garcias. He throws his right fist into the head of one and yanks the elbow relating to that fist back into the mouth of another; smashing that second Garcia’s teeth into a thousand million shards of enamel. A third Garcia lunges forward to grab Axel by his neck, but Adam stops the attack by tackling that Garcia to the ground and then kicking his head off into a trash can. He then says the cool line: just kicking out the trash.


Meanwhile, Blaze is making easy work of another group of Garcias. One of them runs towards her holding a knife pointing outwards in a murdering manner. Blaze performs a backflip and kicks it out of his hand ahead of penetration. The knife files high up into the air before turning 180 degrees and landing on the top of the head of the Garcia that was previously holding it just seconds before. Blaze then yanks the knife out of his dying head and throws it into the denim covered groin of another Garcia. That Garcia screams in pain and falls to the floor. Blaze then picks that Garcia up using the knife’s handle as a handle and then throws him like a throwing axe at another Garcia. Through the impact of the final Garcia being hit with the previous Garcia, he is knocked through the glass window of a diner called Pine Pot. The window smashes and Blaze says: diner (not dinner) is served.


There is one last group of enemies stood around a large guy holding a boomerang. The guys surrounding the guy with the boomerang don’t look like Garcias; they have neon coloured jackets on, tight black jeans and cream coloured mohawks. Whoever you and your crew are, I suggest you step aside now, demands Axel. The guy holding the boomerang laughs, before saying: my name is Boomer and this is the Signal gang and neither me nor them are stepping aside for anyone or anything.


To be continued…


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