Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Boomer’s Heartache

Axel runs towards the three Signals guarding Boomer with speed in his steps and tightly wound intense fury in his fists. As he gets close to the first Signal he performs a flying knee attack, however upon his flight into the air the Signal does a slide attack and clips the bottom of one of Axel’s bright white trainers, causing him to crash to the ground like a Nineties day Icarus having flown too close to the sun – in this case the wax is Axel’s anger and the sun is a Signal.


Adam runs towards Axel and roundhouse kicks the second Signal into a trash can, knocking its steely cylindrical body over and revealing a delicious looking roast turkey underneath. Adam quickly runs over to the steaming turkey on the floor and kicks it straight into Axel’s open mouth. A weakened Axel bites down on its juicy white meaty goodness and with every act of mastication his body is re-energised. Axel then gets to his feet and Rising Uppercuts all of the Signals, killing them all in 4 seconds. Adam and Blaze stand there amazed by his fighting impressiveness.


Boomer stands in front of the three cops and says: impressive, but those punk idiots couldn’t fight their way out of an already ripped paper bag, let alone a new one. He then tosses his boomerang and says Catch! The boomerang is razor sharp and is capable of cutting though things like adamantium and tanks like a hot knife through butter.


The boomerang swings towards Blaze and she only just manages to jump out of its path. The bent weapon then starts making its way back towards the group, this time heading in the direction of Adam. Axel, now’s our chance, says Adam, I’ll distract the boomerang while you finish the fight. Good plan, agrees Axel.


Axel and Boomer engage in intense balletic combat. Axel is fast but Boomer is incredibly strong. They trade ferocious blows as if their lives depend on it. You’re one tough cop, says Boomer, but I think it’s time that I force you into early retirement. Thanks, says Axel, but you’re too late, I already quit (this happened in Chapter 4: Dojo of Rage).


Meanwhile, the boomerang is continuing on its path towards Adam. Need a hand, says Blaze. Sure, says Adam. The two ready themselves for combat against the boomerang. How are we going to defeat it? We can’t punch it. Kicking it won’t work either, asks Adam with panic. We don’t anything it, says Blaze. We just let it go back to where it came from. Axel, shouts Blaze to Axel. Yes, replies Axel. To which Blaze then counter replies: when I give the signal, no pun intended, I want you to jump to the floor. Got ya, says Axel.


As the boomerang nears Blaze and Adam they jump out of its way at the very last second before potential impact. Axel, shouts Blaze, jump… Now. Axel hears the order and performs one last blow to Boomer’s face, sending him stumbling backwards in a state of daze-ism. Axel falls to the floor, this time in a controlled and intentional manner, and the boomerang whistles past his head straight into the beating heart of Boomer, making his heart explode and thus killing Boomer outright.


To be continued…


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