Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Bad News Bears

Mr. X is in his office sat behind his desk watching images of war on television. This is Mr. X’s most favourite thing to watch when there is no illegal boxing, MMA or something showing extreme images of violence or gore. His favourite ever movie is the film Rocky 2, although in an alternate SOR timeline he would later watch the film Warrior starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton and his mind would be blown. He would then have a mental gun battle with himself about what his new favourite movie is, but in the end he would stick with his original decision of Rocky 2 and Warrior would be the extremely close runner up. However, a small piece of him would always resent Rocky 2 for not being perfect enough to prevent making him choose.


Mr. X turns the channel over to watch the evening news. An excited news anchor is reporting from the street where Axel, Adam and Blaze earlier fought the Garcias, the Signals and then killed Boomer by allowing his own boomerang to effectively turn against him. The anchor has managed to persuade one of the bruised and bloodied Garcias to speak to him live on air. During the interview, the nervous Garcia explains that his gang were defeated by some of the most impressive martial artistry he has ever witnessed. He then goes on to say that it was performed by three courageous heroes demonstrating incredible agility, strength, charisma and friendship. He closes the interview by saying that although they put many of his friends inside hospitals and morgues, a part of him still respects them and wishes them luck on their journey.


Furious, Mr. X punches the television instead of turning it off. The screen smashes and the glass cuts his fists. He saviours the pain, enjoys it and for an enjoyment desert licks the fresh blood from his knuckles. He then picks up his table top telephone and says the following into the receiver after dialling an internal number: Shiva, come to my office now, there is something we need to discuss. Mr. X then crushes the receiver in his hand. Dust particles fall from his hand onto the desk and Mr. X snorts them up his nose like powdered drugs and the veins in his eyeballs grow and pulsate.


A few minutes later, Shiva silently backflips into Mr. X’s office through a window. He walks towards Mr. X and asks: you wanted to see me. Mr. X then informs Shiva that Axel and his gang have defeated Boomer and they should be at the beachfront within the hour. He ends the conversation by saying: enough games, we need an Ultimate Warrior to crush these insects, I want you to make the call to Abadede.


In an underground wrestling ring where the ropes have been replaced with barbed wire and lasers, a huge muscle riddled man wearing neon face paint is surrounded by 30 grizzly bears all wearing medieval body armour. As the snarling bears move in to attack the wrestler he smiles confidently, and, seizing his chance, performs a spinning clothesline attack that sends all of the bears flying backwards towards the ropes where they are instantly cut into hairy edged chunks of meat. The bell rings, the crowd cheers and the man’s pants begin to vibrate. The man puts a hand inside of them, pulls out a mobile telephone and readies himself for answering.


To be continued…


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