Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 9


Chapter 9: Adam’s Secret

A Signal is stood on the beach eating an ice cream. The upper echelon of the ice cream is smothered in crushed nuts and red sauce. The Signal closes his eyes and is about to take his first lick of his recently purchased cold treat when Axel’s fist punches through the creamy tipped upside down wafer triangle and hits the Signal’s fully outstretched red tongue, causing it to explode inside his mouth. The Signal falls to the ground and later dies due to extreme throat bleeding.


Right, says Axel to Blaze and also to Adam, we’re almost there. Just past this beach is Mr. X’s mansion. Inside is Mr. X, and he is probably waiting for us with an army of gang members. Guys, says Adam, I’ve never told this to anyone before but I have a son who I lost contact with due to his mother finding love with another man whose listening skills were better than mine. My son’s name is Skate, and if I get out of this mission alive I plan to find him and be the best father I can be by training him in the arts of martial arts to the best of my abilities. Will you guys help me to track him down? Of course, Axel and Blaze say at the exact same time.


Guys, it looks like we’ve got company, says Blaze. In front of our three heroes stand a gang of Signals, a lady named Elektra armed with an electricity charged whip, and the wrestler Abadede from the previous chapter. The Signals are carrying lead pipes, knives and samurai swords. Guys, we need some weapons to even the odds a little, says Adam. You’re right, says Axel, lets smash those crates over there (there are some crates nearby, roughly 30 yards) and hope they contain some useful items. Blaze, Adam and Axel run towards the crates and smash the wooden cubes of secrets. Luckily, the crates reveal a sword, a baseball bat and an apple. Awesome, says Adam with jubilation in his voice. Axel tosses the weapons to Adam and Blaze and sticks the apple into a pocket of his jeans. The three cops run towards the gang members and the battle commences.


Adam swings the baseball bat that was tossed to him by Axel and with it strikes the legs of two Signals, causing them fly into the air like bowling pins struck by a speeding bowling ball. Axel then jumps into the air and flying kicks these same Signals into the sea where they are eaten by a shark. Another Signal throws a knife at Axel, but Axel manages to catch it in his hand. Axel then throws it straight back at the Signal and it sticks in his head. Three more Signals run towards Axel and Adam. Axel grabs one Signal and turns him around 180 degrees to face Adam’s incoming fist. After the impact, Axel throws the unconscious Signal at the other two Signals and they all explode.


Meanwhile, Blaze is fighting Elektra. Elektra whips her whip at Blaze and the sparking tip hits Blaze’s sword, knocking it out of her hand. Elektra raises her whip for a second attack but this time Blaze successfully rolls out of the way. Blaze manages to get close enough to Elektra to perform a spinning flip kick to her chin that knocks the whip from out of her hand and sends Elektra flying backwards into a dustbin, revealing a pepper shaker.


A few feet away, Axel and Adam have teamed up against Abadede. The hulking wrestler is incredibly powerful and both men are struggling to end the fight. Abadede picks up Adam as if he was made of baby feathers and throws him towards Axel. Both men hit the ground and Abadede roars with delight. How we gonna beat him, he’s too strong, asks Adam of Axel. The way we always beat crime, by working as a team, replies Axel.


Axel, catch, says Blaze, as she throws him the pepper shaker. Axel catches it with one hand and then gets to his feet. Let’s finish this, he shouts. Adam picks up his baseball bat and Blaze grabs the now deceased Elektra’s whip. All three run towards Abadede. Axel throws the pepper shaker at Adam and he strikes it with the baseball bat. The seasoned grenade flies high into the air and hits Abadede’s left bicep and upon contact explodes, covering Abadede in a cloud of grey pepper. With Abadede left coughing and his eyes watering, Blaze sees her chance. She wraps the whip around Abadede’s neck and yanks it as hard as she can, sending him dancing like a spinning top into the path of an oncoming beach buggy, which he then hits and dies. The three heroes get to their feet and smile at one another. It’s almost over, says Axel.


Meanwhile at Mr. X’s HQ, Shiva runs towards Mr. X office, opens the door and says: they’ve defeated Abadede. Mr. X laughs, then replies: launch the nuclear warhead and awaken Skate from the laboratory. Let’s see if Adam wants to arrest me bad enough to fight his own son.


To be continued…


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