Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Lift of Rage

Axel, Blaze and Adam stand in front of the front door of Mr. X’s lavish multi-million dollar mansion that professional drug dealing and crime helped to build. Axel presses its ornate looking doorbell using his fist instead of his index finger. A few seconds after the doorbell rings the door opens completely of it’s own volition, as if opened by a ghost butler. I think he’s expecting us, says Adam. The trio cross the threshold and a voice can be heard over a state of the art tannoy system. The voice belongs to Mr. X and says: Greetings, I’ve been expecting you. If you want to arrest me, you have to reach me first. You will need to take the open top and open sided lift located at the end of this corridor to the top floor. Hahahahahahahahaha! Beep.


Look, I think that’s the lift over there, says Adam, whilst pointing to a lift. What are we waiting for then, let’s rise up and defeat crime and unjust, says Blaze. The three friends enter the lift and Axel punches the button to take them to the top floor. Roughly 12 seconds into their edifice ascension, a group of Signals fall into the lift. Axel is quick to react to the sudden lift invasion and flying kicks one of the Signals in the head, sending him flying off the non-walled lift and to his death as a result of high falling onto a hard ground. Blaze grabs another Signal and backward flips him to his death. Adam then grabs the final Signal, draws his handsome head back and smashes his forehead into the Signal’s pierced nose. Dazed, bloodied and confused by what has happened, the disorientated Signal walks into an uppercut Axel was performing at the time and dies shortly after.


Where’d those guys come from, Adam asks in the style of a question. I don’t know, they just came out of nowhere, says Blaze in the manner of an answer. Then, just at that moment, a group of Garcias fly into the lift from areas where normally walls would be. Damn, says Axel, looks like we’ve got more company. It must be a popular lift, quips Adam. However, there’s no time for the three of them to laugh as the Garcias quickly ready themselves to fight. 


Adam takes on one of the Garcias and the two of them exchange blows. Blaze grabs another Garcia and roundhouse kicks him off of the rising lift platform. Meanwhile, Axel tampers with the gears of the lift. I got a feeling it’s going to get real cramped in here soon, but I’ve got a plan, Axel says. Great, because we got more company, shouts Adam, as more Signals and Garcias fall into the lift.


The lift is now packed with alive bodies and Axel, Adam and Blaze are vastly outnumbered. The three heroes battle on bravely but are pummelled by fist and feet. I’m not sure how long we can keep going like this, how long until we get to the top floor, shouts Blaze. Axel looks at the numbers on the lift panel and says, we’re almost there. He then adds: as soon as the door opens, jump out as quickly as you can, I’m sending this lift straight to hell. Just then, a Garcia charges towards Axel. Axel responds by parrying the attack and sending his bad-tattoo riddled arm into the winding gears of the lift, turning the pinky and inky appendage into a bloody mess.


The group fight on bravely for another minute or so and then the violence is interrupted by a loud pinging noise as the doors of the lift open. Right, jump out now, orders Axel. Blaze and Adam jump out of the lift as Axel flying kicks the wire of the pulley system that connects the lift to the ceiling. The wire breaks and Axel jumps out of the lift just before it falls to the ground and kills everyone inside. As a tired and bloodied Axel pulls himself up onto the top floor using the last ounce of strength he has, he sees three dark shapes standing in front of Adam and Blaze. The shapes belong to Mr. X, Shiva and a young boy. The boy turns to Adam and with a tragic smile says: hello dad.


To be continued…


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