Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 11


Chapter 11: Facing Demons

The three heroes stand in a line facing the three villains who are also stood in a line. These two diametric lines are about to represent the ancient, long-running battles between good versus evil and cops versus robbers. 


Skate is that you, asks Adam, but Skate doesn’t answer, he just stares forward in silence. I believe you two have already met, says Mr. X signalling to Adam and Skate. Axel, who has a fantastic detective mind which some have likened to that of the late, great Sherlock Holmes, connects the dots instantly and realises that Skate is Adam’s son. You bastard, shouts Axel to Mr. X, what have you done to him. He’s like a battery-less android incapable of showing human emotions such as love, daringness and tepid jealously. All I did was just finish what his father started when he walked out on his mother when he was just a boy, laughs Mr. X.


Hearing this cuts Adam deep, it makes his heart want to shatter and causes his fists to screw themselves up into tiny fleshy balls of anger-fuelled weapons. That’s a lie, he screams at Mr. X, whilst running towards him with those newly formed flesh weapons and a face that looks like a crumpled up piece of paper. Adam swings for Mr. X but is stopped in his tracks by a pain in his stomach. He looks down and sees that the root cause of this pain is a knife that Skate has stuck in his belly. Adam falls to the floor.


Blaze runs towards Mr. X, but Shiva blocks her path. Shiva cracks his fingers, stretches his arms, shakes his legs, and flips his head from side to side like a human faced pendulum swinging inside a grandfather clock. Just then, a hand grabs Blaze’s shoulder. It belongs to Axel. Leave him to me, says Axel to Blaze, I know you have an old score to settle with Mr. X. Thanks Axel, says Blaze, and she kisses him romantically on the lips. Thankfully, Adam, who harbours strong feelings for Blaze, is too preoccupied with trying not to die to see this moment of intense sexual intimacy between the two friends.


Shiva swings his right leg at Axel. It connects with the top of Axel’s right arm muscle and the force of the impact pushes him backwards. Axel shakes off the pain and runs towards Shiva and upon arriving at his destination throws a flurry of quick punches in the direction of Shiva’s face. Shiva quickly moves his head in different directions like he’s in the 1999 film The Matrix to avoid the blows. Shiva then forces the palm of his hand into Axel’s midriff, causing him to drop to his knees. Axel collapses on the floor with unconsciousness.


Blaze finally confronts Mr. X. So we finally meet, says Mr. X. Look, I’ve no time for niceties, she answers, I’m arresting you on suspicion of being a crime lord and a murderer. You don’t have to say anything, but anything you do say… Mr. X interrupts her by asking: how’s your parents Blaze. Blaze grits her teeth, and continues reading him his Miranda rights: …will be taken down in evidence. Mr. X interrupts her again: they were good people and better cops; that was their problem and their downfall. I’ll make it up to you though, says Mr. X whilst pulling out a gun, my friend here is itching to take you to them.


To be continued…


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