Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 12


Chapter 12: End Credits

Mr. X points his Tommy Gun at Blaze and pulls his index finger back against the trigger. A swarm of angry bullets leave the nozzle in the same way that a swarm of angry wasps might flee the end of a short grey metal hosepipe. Blaze rolls out of the way and marginally avoids getting hit by the metaphorical wasps. She takes cover behind a bronzed statue of an 100% naked Mr. X wearing only a smile wrapped around a cigar, and a Stetson. It’s a strange statue, but one that Mr. X commissioned a leading sculpture master to make for one million US dollars. It’s his pride and joy and he doesn’t want to ruin its perfectness with bullet holes. Shit, says Mr. X, get out from behind there Blaze. If we have to do this Mano a Womano then so be it. He unloads his gun in the non trying to kill way, and the bullets fall to the floor. Mr. X then tosses the empty weapon to Blaze. Blaze sees the gun slide beside her and steps out from behind the right thigh of Mr. X — the statue version.


Meanwhile, Adam is now back on his feet and is trying his best to block a barrage of punch and kick attacks from Skate. Skate, why are you doing this, you’re going to kill me, Adam pleads. However, his words just bounce off Skate’s ears and fall to the ground like emotional litter. Skate then pulls out a knife and begins slashing it at Adam. As Skate lunges forward with the sharp blade, Adam grabs his arm, swings him around 180 degrees and puts him in a sleeper hold, applying pressure to Skate’s head in a bid to make him loose consciousness. I’m sorry son, Adam cries, but you’re leaving me no choice. Adam, seeing that Shiva is walking towards him having defeated Axel, knows he has to act fast. He applies even more pressure to Skate’s head and tears fill his eyes. Skate’s body eventually drops to the floor.


Axel starts to regain consciousness. Every inch of his body aches. He has no energy, no fight left, but he does have an apple. He pulls the juicy red fruity globe from his pocket and bites into it. With each mushy bite he takes he feels slightly more energised. He finally gets to his feet and can see that both of his friends are in trouble: Adam is struggling to fend off Shiva; Blaze is getting tossed around like a very attractive rag doll by Mr. X. Axel wishes he could clone himself and come to the aid of both Blaze and Adam, or alternatively split himself in half and have 50% of himself fight Shiva and the remaining 50% of himself fight Mr. X. Axel knows this is not possible and thus realises that he has a very important decision to make: save his best friend or save the woman he loves.


Mr. X lifts Blaze up by her throat. She can feel her life slipping away. Join me or die, says Mr. X, I can make the hurting stop. The only thing that will stop the pain that I feel is killing you, Blaze answers, but in a way that someone finding it hard to breath might say those words. Very well, he smiles, and with his free hand pulls from his pocket a device with a big red button on it. Before I kill you, I’m going to burn this city you love so much to the ground, says Mr. X. He then presses the button and the mansion begins to shake as its roof splits in half. From between the separating roof sections, the tip of a nuclear warhead emerges.


Blaze, it’s been fun but I’ve got a helicopter to catch, says Mr. X, before applying a considerable amount of pressure on Blaze’s throat. Blaze starts to black out, but before she does she feels the pressure on her throat ease. She opens her eyes and can see Axel pulling Mr. X off of her. Blaze, shouts Axel, you need to finish this now, I can’t hold him for much longer. As Blaze runs towards Mr. X ready to strike, she is stopped in her tracks by a line of bullets hitting the ground just in front of her feet, fired from an Apache helicopter circling in the sky. This gunfire and the impressiveness he feels upon seeing the Apache, causes Axel to loosen his grip on Mr. X. Mr. X breaks free and elbows Axel in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. Looks like my ride has arrived, smiles Mr. X.


Hearing this, Axel quickly scuttles across the floor and grabs Mr. X’s legs, holding them as tight as he can so he can’t escape. Mr. X then begins punching down on Axel’s face repeatedly, but a determined Axel refuses to let go. Blaze makes another run at Mr. X and this time succeeds in landing a powerful blow to his face, snapping his head backwards. Blaze then grabs Mr. X’s head with both hands and forces it down onto her knee. Mr. X, now dazed, takes a wild swing at Blaze but she catches his fist in her hand and with the other hand slaps a set of handcuffs over his wrists. It’s over, she says triumphantly.


However, the celebrations are cut short by a deafening rumble as the nuclear warhead finally ascends towards the sky. What are we gonna do, asks Axel, we need to stop that thing before it destroys the entire city. With that, Blaze pulls out a mobile telephone from her pocket, hits redial and patiently waits for the phone to be answered. After a few seconds of waiting, a few seconds that feel like an eternity in Blaze and Axel’s heads, the phone is answered.


We cut to a man ending a mobile phone call. He steps out of a police car and fires a bazooka at the nuclear warhead, causing it to explode in the sky. He then gets back into his car, kisses his trusty weapon and finishes a delicious burger he was in the middle of eating.


As missile fragments fall from the sky like dangerous wedding confetti, Blaze and Axel realise that Adam is missing, and that Shiva, Mr. X and the helicopter are also nowhere to be seen. A confused and teary looking Skate walks wearily towards Axel and Blaze holding his head. I’m searching for my father, he says, can you help me find him.


The End


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Street of Rage 2: The Novel



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