Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Boomer’s Heartache

Axel runs towards the three Signals guarding Boomer with speed in his steps and tightly wound intense fury in his fists. As he gets close to the first Signal he performs a flying knee attack, however upon his flight into the air the Signal does a slide attack and clips the bottom of one of Axel’s bright white trainers, causing him to crash to the ground like a Nineties day Icarus having flown too close to the sun – in this case the wax is Axel’s anger and the sun is a Signal.


Adam runs towards Axel and roundhouse kicks the second Signal into a trash can, knocking its steely cylindrical body over and revealing a delicious looking roast turkey underneath. Adam quickly runs over to the steaming turkey on the floor and kicks it straight into Axel’s open mouth. A weakened Axel bites down on its juicy white meaty goodness and with every act of mastication his body is re-energised. Axel then gets to his feet and Rising Uppercuts all of the Signals, killing them all in 4 seconds. Adam and Blaze stand there amazed by his fighting impressiveness.


Boomer stands in front of the three cops and says: impressive, but those punk idiots couldn’t fight their way out of an already ripped paper bag, let alone a new one. He then tosses his boomerang and says Catch! The boomerang is razor sharp and is capable of cutting though things like adamantium and tanks like a hot knife through butter.


The boomerang swings towards Blaze and she only just manages to jump out of its path. The bent weapon then starts making its way back towards the group, this time heading in the direction of Adam. Axel, now’s our chance, says Adam, I’ll distract the boomerang while you finish the fight. Good plan, agrees Axel.


Axel and Boomer engage in intense balletic combat. Axel is fast but Boomer is incredibly strong. They trade ferocious blows as if their lives depend on it. You’re one tough cop, says Boomer, but I think it’s time that I force you into early retirement. Thanks, says Axel, but you’re too late, I already quit (this happened in Chapter 4: Dojo of Rage).


Meanwhile, the boomerang is continuing on its path towards Adam. Need a hand, says Blaze. Sure, says Adam. The two ready themselves for combat against the boomerang. How are we going to defeat it? We can’t punch it. Kicking it won’t work either, asks Adam with panic. We don’t anything it, says Blaze. We just let it go back to where it came from. Axel, shouts Blaze to Axel. Yes, replies Axel. To which Blaze then counter replies: when I give the signal, no pun intended, I want you to jump to the floor. Got ya, says Axel.


As the boomerang nears Blaze and Adam they jump out of its way at the very last second before potential impact. Axel, shouts Blaze, jump… Now. Axel hears the order and performs one last blow to Boomer’s face, sending him stumbling backwards in a state of daze-ism. Axel falls to the floor, this time in a controlled and intentional manner, and the boomerang whistles past his head straight into the beating heart of Boomer, making his heart explode and thus killing Boomer outright.


To be continued…


Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Tonight we Dine-r in Hell

Axel, Adam and Blaze place all of their 6 feet on the street and within seconds of the bottom of their soles hitting the wet oily tarmac they are confronted by the first wave of Mr. X’s clone army, made up of men named Garcia who all have red hair and wear blue denim jackets (Garcias are not to be confused with Galsia from Chapter 3; he is someone different entirely and was regrettably killed via a powerful punch through his stomach by Mr. X). Some of the Garcias are armed with fists; others carry knives in the manner of someone competing in an egg and spoon race, but all have one intention planted firmly inside of their heads: destroy Axel, Adam and Blaze at any cost.


Adam turns to Axel and says, I’ve got your back, but I sure hope you know what you’re doing. You know me Adam, Axel replies, I never know what I’m doing but what I do always know is the importance of doing justice and it is that which keeps the blood pumping in my veins and strength coursing through my muscles. Nicely put, smiles Blaze. Thanks, says Axel, before saying: right, let’s kick some denim.


Axel runs up to a group of Garcias. He throws his right fist into the head of one and yanks the elbow relating to that fist back into the mouth of another; smashing that second Garcia’s teeth into a thousand million shards of enamel. A third Garcia lunges forward to grab Axel by his neck, but Adam stops the attack by tackling that Garcia to the ground and then kicking his head off into a trash can. He then says the cool line: just kicking out the trash.


Meanwhile, Blaze is making easy work of another group of Garcias. One of them runs towards her holding a knife pointing outwards in a murdering manner. Blaze performs a backflip and kicks it out of his hand ahead of penetration. The knife files high up into the air before turning 180 degrees and landing on the top of the head of the Garcia that was previously holding it just seconds before. Blaze then yanks the knife out of his dying head and throws it into the denim covered groin of another Garcia. That Garcia screams in pain and falls to the floor. Blaze then picks that Garcia up using the knife’s handle as a handle and then throws him like a throwing axe at another Garcia. Through the impact of the final Garcia being hit with the previous Garcia, he is knocked through the glass window of a diner called Pine Pot. The window smashes and Blaze says: diner (not dinner) is served.


There is one last group of enemies stood around a large guy holding a boomerang. The guys surrounding the guy with the boomerang don’t look like Garcias; they have neon coloured jackets on, tight black jeans and cream coloured mohawks. Whoever you and your crew are, I suggest you step aside now, demands Axel. The guy holding the boomerang laughs, before saying: my name is Boomer and this is the Signal gang and neither me nor them are stepping aside for anyone or anything.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Shiva’s War Room Update

Mr. X is in the very early stages of crushing a puppy between the fingers of his hands. The puppy looks up at Mr. X with sadness eyes and Mr. X looks down at the puppy with nonchalant eyes. All the puppy did was earlier that night take half of his favourite Italian loafers and hide them underneath his drugs. His overreaction to this playful act is a sign of Mr. X’s obvious evil, but worry not those reading this with concerns about the wellbeing of the puppy: Mr. X is interrupted by a knock at the door of the room that he is inside of and in a moment of distraction releases the puppy. The puppy, seizing a chance for freedom, escapes through a low window and a few days later finds a new owner who owns a family that treats him much better.


Standing at the door after knocking it is Mr. X’s right-hand man Shiva, a black haired ninja dressed in black karate robes and who is a better fighter than Mr. X but not as money powerful, and thus knows his place in the pecking order. It’s time, says Shiva to Mr. X. Mr. X then leaves the room and heads towards his secret war room located in the basement of his mansion. The war room looks like an evil version of NASA. There are computers everywhere and large TV screens on the walls showing complex looking maps, graphs and statistics. Is the nuclear warhead ready, asks Mr. X with impatience. Almost, replies a man sat at a desk. In 2 hours we’ll be ready to launch and then New York will be no more, adds the man. Excellent, says Mr. X.


Any word from the police chief, asks Mr. X to Shiva. Nothing yet, I’ll ring him for us to get an update, he replies. Shiva then takes a mobile telephone from out of his pocket, punches a several digit number into it and then holds the phone to his ear and near his mouth to ready himself for conversation. The phone is answered a few moments later but we don’t see or hear by whom. We only hear the word What!, which is shouted by an angry Shiva in response to what he hears down the phone. Shiva then ends the call, throws the phone in the air and then scorpion kicks it into a nearby furnace to which it is instantly destroyed through burning.


What news have you about the dojo attack, says Mr. X to Shiva. Shiva responds to his question thusly: the chief says that his 30 police were defeated in the most impressive way possible and that he is no longer a police chief following a decision to retire from the force. He says that Axel, Adam and Blaze are now on their way to the mansion having finished their training. He also says that they are stronger than ever before and that their new special attacks are the most strongest ones they have ever created.


Great, let the game begin, says Mr. X. Let the game begin, he repeats, but after a short pause and this time in a slightly more ominous tone.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 4


Chapter 4: Dojo of Rage

12 hours earlier, Tuesday: Axel and Adam and Blaze are in the police dojo showing each other their special move attacks and talking about coming up with the ultimate plan of strategy in order to defeat Mr. X’s army and then ultimately Mr. X himself. Axel’s special move is a flaming uppercut accompanied by the words ‘Rising Upper’ – upper being short for uppercut. Adam’s special move is a left elbow that turns into a dragon and Blaze’s signature attack sees her perform a gymnastic style backwards flip kick which arouses her two partners upon sight. However; Axel and Adam both vow to keep their true feelings for Blaze under wraps for fear of ruining the special bond that they all share, but also out of professionalism and respect for the art of police-ism.


After 5 hours of tough intense sparring, the air in the dojo turns a dark hue of black as in strides the chief of police, joined by 30 of his nearly best cops (His best cops are Axel, Adam and Blaze). Is it true that you’re going after Mr. X, the chief says angrily. Yes. We’re bringing him in and are prepared to die or kill him in trying to do so, Axel shouts defiantly. Adam and Blaze do an inside smile proudly upon hearing these words.


Axel’s words anger the chief however, so the chief orders Axel, Adam and Blaze to surrender their police badges. Who needs badges, says Adam, all I need is my moral compass and the support of my brother and sister in arms. How touching, laughs the chief sarcastically, before ordering his men to attack our heroes. The 30 police lose the fight and the chief is forced to retire out of embarrassment.


Back on to the topic of special attacks though, and they all have one special ace up their sleeves; an ace that was cleverly foreshadowed in Chapter 2. If you wish to have a ‘spoiler alert’ then re-read that chapter with more alertness. However; if you wish to have a more satisfying conclusion at the end of this novel then just go straight to the next chapter when it’s published. The latter direction is the one that your author recommends you take. The cliffhanger of this chapter is thus that decision.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Galsia’s Happy Ending

Mr. X is hitting a punch bag with the ferocity of a heavyweight boxer on the verge of winning the heavyweight title at Caesars Palace. His fists pound the bag and you can literally see the aftershocks wobbling through the air like some kind of angry butterfly effect. A man named Galsia with red hair and a denim jacket walks into the room with a message. Mr. X doesn’t acknowledge him and instead continues to hit the bag. Mr. X, Galsia says with trepidation, I come with word that three police officers are walking towards your mansion to arrest you. Mr. X stops punching the bag and turns to Galsia. Galsia, he says in a voice that sounds like a rusty engine being rolled down a mountain, let them come. He then grabs Galsia with his left hand, lifts him up like a microphone but instead of singing into him he punches a hole through his stomach using his right hand. Blood and internal organs fly everywhere. Mr. X laughs maniacally. Sadly, Galsia dies. What’s even sadder though is that this was only Galsia’s third day on the job. He was a good person at heart, didn’t really care much for Mr. X and actually wanted to be a police officer, but was too short.


Mr. X walks over to his mobile telephone, picks it up and says that he wants every one of his men and women out on the streets right now. He will pay $1,000,000 to the person who manages to bring him the dead heads of the three police officers. He slams the phone down on to the desk and it smashes into myriad pieces. It doesn’t matter however; he has thousands of them.


Galsia’s ghost leaves his body and transcends up to heaven. At the pearly gates he walks nervously towards the person holding that book that determines whether you can get inside or not. The man with the book looks directly into Galsia’s eyes and can see that deep down he is a good person. I understand that you wanted to be a police officer on Earth, the man holding the book asks. Yes, that’s right, Galsia replies. Well, today is your lucky day, the man says, and hands him a badge and a gun. You can be part of the heaven police he says, and a tear falls down Galsia’s cheek. So in the end Galsia’s was a happy ending after all.


Mr. X has a nuclear warhead.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Blaze Runner

Blaze is running on an athletics track. Blaze is a female police officer whom is not working today so is enjoying some much deserved R&R by running, which is her favourite thing to do when she is not working. Blaze, Axel and Adam go way back. They used to play cops when they were babies; this continued right through school and then college and then in real life when they finally realised their dreams and became fully fledged police officers. Blaze is the calm, brains of the trio. Once, the three of them were all stuck in a puzzle room of sharp implements and had to find a way to escape or get killed. Only Blaze worked out how to solve the puzzle – had she not been there, the others would have most likely died that day.


Axel and Adam are standing by the race track. Axel signals Blaze and she stops running on the track to run over to him instead. Hello Blaze, says Axel. I guess you need my help with something, she smiles. Yes, me and Adam are going after Mr. X and need all the help we can get. It’s going to be a violent battle on the streets to reach him but with your help we think we can succeed. Also, are you still in touch with that guy who drives a police car and steps outside to fire a bazooka? Blaze gets out her mobile telephone. I’ll ring him now she says. Does that mean you’re in, says Adam. Yes, consider us a justice triangle. Great analogy Blaze, did you just think of that, smiles Axel. Yes I did, says Blaze.


Meanwhile, at a drive thru restaurant a man in a police car with a bazooka is eating a burger. His phone rings. He answers it and on the other end is Blaze. We don’t hear what she says but what we do hear is the man’s reply. I’m on my way, he says. He kisses his bazooka, turns on the radio (it’s playing a gangster rap version of the Streets of Rage soundtrack) and puts his foot down on the accelerator. Exhaust smoke fills the air; air soon to be filled with justice smoke.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 1


Chapter 1: One becomes two; two become three

It’s a dark wet night. Rain slides down the faces of people walking outside; shopping for such things as leather shoes and groceries. Down a dark alleyway a man is doing a drug deal with another man. One of the men hands the other man a briefcase full of 100 dollar bills. The man opposite the first man hands him a sports bag full of white powder (aka Cocaine), the second man then takes the suitcase of money to another man named Mr. X – the villain of Streets of Rage: The Novel. This happens much later on though; Mr. X is not down the alley but inside his mansion drinking a thousand dollar bottle of champagne in his gold swimming pool at the time of the deal.


Meanwhile in a police station, Axel is flicking through his fileodex looking for his next perp to beat up and arrest. He opens his drawer, takes out a dart and throws it like a pro at the fileodex. It lands on a picture of Mr. X. Adam, Axel’s best friend who sits right next to him in the office, sees this and makes a nervous scared sound and tells Axel to leave it. Mr. X is untouchable as he has the entire city in the palm of his hand, even the police, Adam warns Axel.


Axel has blonde hair, stonewashed blue jeans and a perfect jawline. He has enjoyed many women and can sleep with any one he likes simply by taking off his shirt and listening to their concerns. He lives in a penthouse apartment and practices martial arts every night. His favourite dead celebrity is Bruce Lee, his favourite alive one is Mike Tyson. His best friend is Adam. Adam is black and wears a yellow muscle t-shirt. He’s protective of Axel but not weird with it. Adam’s favourite hobby is kickboxing, which he has recently won a black belt in.


Axel thanks Adam for his concern and gets out of his chair. Where are you going asks Adam to Axel. Somewhere to do something I should have done a long time ago, says Axel to Adam. I’m going to get that sonofabitch Mr. X once and for all. You’re crazy, says Adam, but so am I. I’ll join you till the bitter end, but it would be good to have a little more help. Do you know of anyone who could make us a threesome? I know just the person says Axel; someone who would help us go down in a BLAZE of glory. Who Blaze, says Adam. Yes replies Axel with a wry smile. Blaze.


To be continued…