Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 12


Chapter 12: End Credits

Mr. X points his Tommy Gun at Blaze and pulls his index finger back against the trigger. A swarm of angry bullets leave the nozzle in the same way that a swarm of angry wasps might flee the end of a short grey metal hosepipe. Blaze rolls out of the way and marginally avoids getting hit by the metaphorical wasps. She takes cover behind a bronzed statue of an 100% naked Mr. X wearing only a smile wrapped around a cigar, and a Stetson. It’s a strange statue, but one that Mr. X commissioned a leading sculpture master to make for one million US dollars. It’s his pride and joy and he doesn’t want to ruin its perfectness with bullet holes. Shit, says Mr. X, get out from behind there Blaze. If we have to do this Mano a Womano then so be it. He unloads his gun in the non trying to kill way, and the bullets fall to the floor. Mr. X then tosses the empty weapon to Blaze. Blaze sees the gun slide beside her and steps out from behind the right thigh of Mr. X — the statue version.


Meanwhile, Adam is now back on his feet and is trying his best to block a barrage of punch and kick attacks from Skate. Skate, why are you doing this, you’re going to kill me, Adam pleads. However, his words just bounce off Skate’s ears and fall to the ground like emotional litter. Skate then pulls out a knife and begins slashing it at Adam. As Skate lunges forward with the sharp blade, Adam grabs his arm, swings him around 180 degrees and puts him in a sleeper hold, applying pressure to Skate’s head in a bid to make him loose consciousness. I’m sorry son, Adam cries, but you’re leaving me no choice. Adam, seeing that Shiva is walking towards him having defeated Axel, knows he has to act fast. He applies even more pressure to Skate’s head and tears fill his eyes. Skate’s body eventually drops to the floor.


Axel starts to regain consciousness. Every inch of his body aches. He has no energy, no fight left, but he does have an apple. He pulls the juicy red fruity globe from his pocket and bites into it. With each mushy bite he takes he feels slightly more energised. He finally gets to his feet and can see that both of his friends are in trouble: Adam is struggling to fend off Shiva; Blaze is getting tossed around like a very attractive rag doll by Mr. X. Axel wishes he could clone himself and come to the aid of both Blaze and Adam, or alternatively split himself in half and have 50% of himself fight Shiva and the remaining 50% of himself fight Mr. X. Axel knows this is not possible and thus realises that he has a very important decision to make: save his best friend or save the woman he loves.


Mr. X lifts Blaze up by her throat. She can feel her life slipping away. Join me or die, says Mr. X, I can make the hurting stop. The only thing that will stop the pain that I feel is killing you, Blaze answers, but in a way that someone finding it hard to breath might say those words. Very well, he smiles, and with his free hand pulls from his pocket a device with a big red button on it. Before I kill you, I’m going to burn this city you love so much to the ground, says Mr. X. He then presses the button and the mansion begins to shake as its roof splits in half. From between the separating roof sections, the tip of a nuclear warhead emerges.


Blaze, it’s been fun but I’ve got a helicopter to catch, says Mr. X, before applying a considerable amount of pressure on Blaze’s throat. Blaze starts to black out, but before she does she feels the pressure on her throat ease. She opens her eyes and can see Axel pulling Mr. X off of her. Blaze, shouts Axel, you need to finish this now, I can’t hold him for much longer. As Blaze runs towards Mr. X ready to strike, she is stopped in her tracks by a line of bullets hitting the ground just in front of her feet, fired from an Apache helicopter circling in the sky. This gunfire and the impressiveness he feels upon seeing the Apache, causes Axel to loosen his grip on Mr. X. Mr. X breaks free and elbows Axel in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. Looks like my ride has arrived, smiles Mr. X.


Hearing this, Axel quickly scuttles across the floor and grabs Mr. X’s legs, holding them as tight as he can so he can’t escape. Mr. X then begins punching down on Axel’s face repeatedly, but a determined Axel refuses to let go. Blaze makes another run at Mr. X and this time succeeds in landing a powerful blow to his face, snapping his head backwards. Blaze then grabs Mr. X’s head with both hands and forces it down onto her knee. Mr. X, now dazed, takes a wild swing at Blaze but she catches his fist in her hand and with the other hand slaps a set of handcuffs over his wrists. It’s over, she says triumphantly.


However, the celebrations are cut short by a deafening rumble as the nuclear warhead finally ascends towards the sky. What are we gonna do, asks Axel, we need to stop that thing before it destroys the entire city. With that, Blaze pulls out a mobile telephone from her pocket, hits redial and patiently waits for the phone to be answered. After a few seconds of waiting, a few seconds that feel like an eternity in Blaze and Axel’s heads, the phone is answered.


We cut to a man ending a mobile phone call. He steps out of a police car and fires a bazooka at the nuclear warhead, causing it to explode in the sky. He then gets back into his car, kisses his trusty weapon and finishes a delicious burger he was in the middle of eating.


As missile fragments fall from the sky like dangerous wedding confetti, Blaze and Axel realise that Adam is missing, and that Shiva, Mr. X and the helicopter are also nowhere to be seen. A confused and teary looking Skate walks wearily towards Axel and Blaze holding his head. I’m searching for my father, he says, can you help me find him.


The End


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Street of Rage 2: The Novel



Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 11


Chapter 11: Facing Demons

The three heroes stand in a line facing the three villains who are also stood in a line. These two diametric lines are about to represent the ancient, long-running battles between good versus evil and cops versus robbers. 


Skate is that you, asks Adam, but Skate doesn’t answer, he just stares forward in silence. I believe you two have already met, says Mr. X signalling to Adam and Skate. Axel, who has a fantastic detective mind which some have likened to that of the late, great Sherlock Holmes, connects the dots instantly and realises that Skate is Adam’s son. You bastard, shouts Axel to Mr. X, what have you done to him. He’s like a battery-less android incapable of showing human emotions such as love, daringness and tepid jealously. All I did was just finish what his father started when he walked out on his mother when he was just a boy, laughs Mr. X.


Hearing this cuts Adam deep, it makes his heart want to shatter and causes his fists to screw themselves up into tiny fleshy balls of anger-fuelled weapons. That’s a lie, he screams at Mr. X, whilst running towards him with those newly formed flesh weapons and a face that looks like a crumpled up piece of paper. Adam swings for Mr. X but is stopped in his tracks by a pain in his stomach. He looks down and sees that the root cause of this pain is a knife that Skate has stuck in his belly. Adam falls to the floor.


Blaze runs towards Mr. X, but Shiva blocks her path. Shiva cracks his fingers, stretches his arms, shakes his legs, and flips his head from side to side like a human faced pendulum swinging inside a grandfather clock. Just then, a hand grabs Blaze’s shoulder. It belongs to Axel. Leave him to me, says Axel to Blaze, I know you have an old score to settle with Mr. X. Thanks Axel, says Blaze, and she kisses him romantically on the lips. Thankfully, Adam, who harbours strong feelings for Blaze, is too preoccupied with trying not to die to see this moment of intense sexual intimacy between the two friends.


Shiva swings his right leg at Axel. It connects with the top of Axel’s right arm muscle and the force of the impact pushes him backwards. Axel shakes off the pain and runs towards Shiva and upon arriving at his destination throws a flurry of quick punches in the direction of Shiva’s face. Shiva quickly moves his head in different directions like he’s in the 1999 film The Matrix to avoid the blows. Shiva then forces the palm of his hand into Axel’s midriff, causing him to drop to his knees. Axel collapses on the floor with unconsciousness.


Blaze finally confronts Mr. X. So we finally meet, says Mr. X. Look, I’ve no time for niceties, she answers, I’m arresting you on suspicion of being a crime lord and a murderer. You don’t have to say anything, but anything you do say… Mr. X interrupts her by asking: how’s your parents Blaze. Blaze grits her teeth, and continues reading him his Miranda rights: …will be taken down in evidence. Mr. X interrupts her again: they were good people and better cops; that was their problem and their downfall. I’ll make it up to you though, says Mr. X whilst pulling out a gun, my friend here is itching to take you to them.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Lift of Rage

Axel, Blaze and Adam stand in front of the front door of Mr. X’s lavish multi-million dollar mansion that professional drug dealing and crime helped to build. Axel presses its ornate looking doorbell using his fist instead of his index finger. A few seconds after the doorbell rings the door opens completely of it’s own volition, as if opened by a ghost butler. I think he’s expecting us, says Adam. The trio cross the threshold and a voice can be heard over a state of the art tannoy system. The voice belongs to Mr. X and says: Greetings, I’ve been expecting you. If you want to arrest me, you have to reach me first. You will need to take the open top and open sided lift located at the end of this corridor to the top floor. Hahahahahahahahaha! Beep.


Look, I think that’s the lift over there, says Adam, whilst pointing to a lift. What are we waiting for then, let’s rise up and defeat crime and unjust, says Blaze. The three friends enter the lift and Axel punches the button to take them to the top floor. Roughly 12 seconds into their edifice ascension, a group of Signals fall into the lift. Axel is quick to react to the sudden lift invasion and flying kicks one of the Signals in the head, sending him flying off the non-walled lift and to his death as a result of high falling onto a hard ground. Blaze grabs another Signal and backward flips him to his death. Adam then grabs the final Signal, draws his handsome head back and smashes his forehead into the Signal’s pierced nose. Dazed, bloodied and confused by what has happened, the disorientated Signal walks into an uppercut Axel was performing at the time and dies shortly after.


Where’d those guys come from, Adam asks in the style of a question. I don’t know, they just came out of nowhere, says Blaze in the manner of an answer. Then, just at that moment, a group of Garcias fly into the lift from areas where normally walls would be. Damn, says Axel, looks like we’ve got more company. It must be a popular lift, quips Adam. However, there’s no time for the three of them to laugh as the Garcias quickly ready themselves to fight. 


Adam takes on one of the Garcias and the two of them exchange blows. Blaze grabs another Garcia and roundhouse kicks him off of the rising lift platform. Meanwhile, Axel tampers with the gears of the lift. I got a feeling it’s going to get real cramped in here soon, but I’ve got a plan, Axel says. Great, because we got more company, shouts Adam, as more Signals and Garcias fall into the lift.


The lift is now packed with alive bodies and Axel, Adam and Blaze are vastly outnumbered. The three heroes battle on bravely but are pummelled by fist and feet. I’m not sure how long we can keep going like this, how long until we get to the top floor, shouts Blaze. Axel looks at the numbers on the lift panel and says, we’re almost there. He then adds: as soon as the door opens, jump out as quickly as you can, I’m sending this lift straight to hell. Just then, a Garcia charges towards Axel. Axel responds by parrying the attack and sending his bad-tattoo riddled arm into the winding gears of the lift, turning the pinky and inky appendage into a bloody mess.


The group fight on bravely for another minute or so and then the violence is interrupted by a loud pinging noise as the doors of the lift open. Right, jump out now, orders Axel. Blaze and Adam jump out of the lift as Axel flying kicks the wire of the pulley system that connects the lift to the ceiling. The wire breaks and Axel jumps out of the lift just before it falls to the ground and kills everyone inside. As a tired and bloodied Axel pulls himself up onto the top floor using the last ounce of strength he has, he sees three dark shapes standing in front of Adam and Blaze. The shapes belong to Mr. X, Shiva and a young boy. The boy turns to Adam and with a tragic smile says: hello dad.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 9


Chapter 9: Adam’s Secret

A Signal is stood on the beach eating an ice cream. The upper echelon of the ice cream is smothered in crushed nuts and red sauce. The Signal closes his eyes and is about to take his first lick of his recently purchased cold treat when Axel’s fist punches through the creamy tipped upside down wafer triangle and hits the Signal’s fully outstretched red tongue, causing it to explode inside his mouth. The Signal falls to the ground and later dies due to extreme throat bleeding.


Right, says Axel to Blaze and also to Adam, we’re almost there. Just past this beach is Mr. X’s mansion. Inside is Mr. X, and he is probably waiting for us with an army of gang members. Guys, says Adam, I’ve never told this to anyone before but I have a son who I lost contact with due to his mother finding love with another man whose listening skills were better than mine. My son’s name is Skate, and if I get out of this mission alive I plan to find him and be the best father I can be by training him in the arts of martial arts to the best of my abilities. Will you guys help me to track him down? Of course, Axel and Blaze say at the exact same time.


Guys, it looks like we’ve got company, says Blaze. In front of our three heroes stand a gang of Signals, a lady named Elektra armed with an electricity charged whip, and the wrestler Abadede from the previous chapter. The Signals are carrying lead pipes, knives and samurai swords. Guys, we need some weapons to even the odds a little, says Adam. You’re right, says Axel, lets smash those crates over there (there are some crates nearby, roughly 30 yards) and hope they contain some useful items. Blaze, Adam and Axel run towards the crates and smash the wooden cubes of secrets. Luckily, the crates reveal a sword, a baseball bat and an apple. Awesome, says Adam with jubilation in his voice. Axel tosses the weapons to Adam and Blaze and sticks the apple into a pocket of his jeans. The three cops run towards the gang members and the battle commences.


Adam swings the baseball bat that was tossed to him by Axel and with it strikes the legs of two Signals, causing them fly into the air like bowling pins struck by a speeding bowling ball. Axel then jumps into the air and flying kicks these same Signals into the sea where they are eaten by a shark. Another Signal throws a knife at Axel, but Axel manages to catch it in his hand. Axel then throws it straight back at the Signal and it sticks in his head. Three more Signals run towards Axel and Adam. Axel grabs one Signal and turns him around 180 degrees to face Adam’s incoming fist. After the impact, Axel throws the unconscious Signal at the other two Signals and they all explode.


Meanwhile, Blaze is fighting Elektra. Elektra whips her whip at Blaze and the sparking tip hits Blaze’s sword, knocking it out of her hand. Elektra raises her whip for a second attack but this time Blaze successfully rolls out of the way. Blaze manages to get close enough to Elektra to perform a spinning flip kick to her chin that knocks the whip from out of her hand and sends Elektra flying backwards into a dustbin, revealing a pepper shaker.


A few feet away, Axel and Adam have teamed up against Abadede. The hulking wrestler is incredibly powerful and both men are struggling to end the fight. Abadede picks up Adam as if he was made of baby feathers and throws him towards Axel. Both men hit the ground and Abadede roars with delight. How we gonna beat him, he’s too strong, asks Adam of Axel. The way we always beat crime, by working as a team, replies Axel.


Axel, catch, says Blaze, as she throws him the pepper shaker. Axel catches it with one hand and then gets to his feet. Let’s finish this, he shouts. Adam picks up his baseball bat and Blaze grabs the now deceased Elektra’s whip. All three run towards Abadede. Axel throws the pepper shaker at Adam and he strikes it with the baseball bat. The seasoned grenade flies high into the air and hits Abadede’s left bicep and upon contact explodes, covering Abadede in a cloud of grey pepper. With Abadede left coughing and his eyes watering, Blaze sees her chance. She wraps the whip around Abadede’s neck and yanks it as hard as she can, sending him dancing like a spinning top into the path of an oncoming beach buggy, which he then hits and dies. The three heroes get to their feet and smile at one another. It’s almost over, says Axel.


Meanwhile at Mr. X’s HQ, Shiva runs towards Mr. X office, opens the door and says: they’ve defeated Abadede. Mr. X laughs, then replies: launch the nuclear warhead and awaken Skate from the laboratory. Let’s see if Adam wants to arrest me bad enough to fight his own son.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Bad News Bears

Mr. X is in his office sat behind his desk watching images of war on television. This is Mr. X’s most favourite thing to watch when there is no illegal boxing, MMA or something showing extreme images of violence or gore. His favourite ever movie is the film Rocky 2, although in an alternate SOR timeline he would later watch the film Warrior starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton and his mind would be blown. He would then have a mental gun battle with himself about what his new favourite movie is, but in the end he would stick with his original decision of Rocky 2 and Warrior would be the extremely close runner up. However, a small piece of him would always resent Rocky 2 for not being perfect enough to prevent making him choose.


Mr. X turns the channel over to watch the evening news. An excited news anchor is reporting from the street where Axel, Adam and Blaze earlier fought the Garcias, the Signals and then killed Boomer by allowing his own boomerang to effectively turn against him. The anchor has managed to persuade one of the bruised and bloodied Garcias to speak to him live on air. During the interview, the nervous Garcia explains that his gang were defeated by some of the most impressive martial artistry he has ever witnessed. He then goes on to say that it was performed by three courageous heroes demonstrating incredible agility, strength, charisma and friendship. He closes the interview by saying that although they put many of his friends inside hospitals and morgues, a part of him still respects them and wishes them luck on their journey.


Furious, Mr. X punches the television instead of turning it off. The screen smashes and the glass cuts his fists. He saviours the pain, enjoys it and for an enjoyment desert licks the fresh blood from his knuckles. He then picks up his table top telephone and says the following into the receiver after dialling an internal number: Shiva, come to my office now, there is something we need to discuss. Mr. X then crushes the receiver in his hand. Dust particles fall from his hand onto the desk and Mr. X snorts them up his nose like powdered drugs and the veins in his eyeballs grow and pulsate.


A few minutes later, Shiva silently backflips into Mr. X’s office through a window. He walks towards Mr. X and asks: you wanted to see me. Mr. X then informs Shiva that Axel and his gang have defeated Boomer and they should be at the beachfront within the hour. He ends the conversation by saying: enough games, we need an Ultimate Warrior to crush these insects, I want you to make the call to Abadede.


In an underground wrestling ring where the ropes have been replaced with barbed wire and lasers, a huge muscle riddled man wearing neon face paint is surrounded by 30 grizzly bears all wearing medieval body armour. As the snarling bears move in to attack the wrestler he smiles confidently, and, seizing his chance, performs a spinning clothesline attack that sends all of the bears flying backwards towards the ropes where they are instantly cut into hairy edged chunks of meat. The bell rings, the crowd cheers and the man’s pants begin to vibrate. The man puts a hand inside of them, pulls out a mobile telephone and readies himself for answering.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Boomer’s Heartache

Axel runs towards the three Signals guarding Boomer with speed in his steps and tightly wound intense fury in his fists. As he gets close to the first Signal he performs a flying knee attack, however upon his flight into the air the Signal does a slide attack and clips the bottom of one of Axel’s bright white trainers, causing him to crash to the ground like a Nineties day Icarus having flown too close to the sun – in this case the wax is Axel’s anger and the sun is a Signal.


Adam runs towards Axel and roundhouse kicks the second Signal into a trash can, knocking its steely cylindrical body over and revealing a delicious looking roast turkey underneath. Adam quickly runs over to the steaming turkey on the floor and kicks it straight into Axel’s open mouth. A weakened Axel bites down on its juicy white meaty goodness and with every act of mastication his body is re-energised. Axel then gets to his feet and Rising Uppercuts all of the Signals, killing them all in 4 seconds. Adam and Blaze stand there amazed by his fighting impressiveness.


Boomer stands in front of the three cops and says: impressive, but those punk idiots couldn’t fight their way out of an already ripped paper bag, let alone a new one. He then tosses his boomerang and says Catch! The boomerang is razor sharp and is capable of cutting though things like adamantium and tanks like a hot knife through butter.


The boomerang swings towards Blaze and she only just manages to jump out of its path. The bent weapon then starts making its way back towards the group, this time heading in the direction of Adam. Axel, now’s our chance, says Adam, I’ll distract the boomerang while you finish the fight. Good plan, agrees Axel.


Axel and Boomer engage in intense balletic combat. Axel is fast but Boomer is incredibly strong. They trade ferocious blows as if their lives depend on it. You’re one tough cop, says Boomer, but I think it’s time that I force you into early retirement. Thanks, says Axel, but you’re too late, I already quit (this happened in Chapter 4: Dojo of Rage).


Meanwhile, the boomerang is continuing on its path towards Adam. Need a hand, says Blaze. Sure, says Adam. The two ready themselves for combat against the boomerang. How are we going to defeat it? We can’t punch it. Kicking it won’t work either, asks Adam with panic. We don’t anything it, says Blaze. We just let it go back to where it came from. Axel, shouts Blaze to Axel. Yes, replies Axel. To which Blaze then counter replies: when I give the signal, no pun intended, I want you to jump to the floor. Got ya, says Axel.


As the boomerang nears Blaze and Adam they jump out of its way at the very last second before potential impact. Axel, shouts Blaze, jump… Now. Axel hears the order and performs one last blow to Boomer’s face, sending him stumbling backwards in a state of daze-ism. Axel falls to the floor, this time in a controlled and intentional manner, and the boomerang whistles past his head straight into the beating heart of Boomer, making his heart explode and thus killing Boomer outright.


To be continued…

Streets of Rage: The Novel | Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Tonight we Dine-r in Hell

Axel, Adam and Blaze place all of their 6 feet on the street and within seconds of the bottom of their soles hitting the wet oily tarmac they are confronted by the first wave of Mr. X’s clone army, made up of men named Garcia who all have red hair and wear blue denim jackets (Garcias are not to be confused with Galsia from Chapter 3; he is someone different entirely and was regrettably killed via a powerful punch through his stomach by Mr. X). Some of the Garcias are armed with fists; others carry knives in the manner of someone competing in an egg and spoon race, but all have one intention planted firmly inside of their heads: destroy Axel, Adam and Blaze at any cost.


Adam turns to Axel and says, I’ve got your back, but I sure hope you know what you’re doing. You know me Adam, Axel replies, I never know what I’m doing but what I do always know is the importance of doing justice and it is that which keeps the blood pumping in my veins and strength coursing through my muscles. Nicely put, smiles Blaze. Thanks, says Axel, before saying: right, let’s kick some denim.


Axel runs up to a group of Garcias. He throws his right fist into the head of one and yanks the elbow relating to that fist back into the mouth of another; smashing that second Garcia’s teeth into a thousand million shards of enamel. A third Garcia lunges forward to grab Axel by his neck, but Adam stops the attack by tackling that Garcia to the ground and then kicking his head off into a trash can. He then says the cool line: just kicking out the trash.


Meanwhile, Blaze is making easy work of another group of Garcias. One of them runs towards her holding a knife pointing outwards in a murdering manner. Blaze performs a backflip and kicks it out of his hand ahead of penetration. The knife files high up into the air before turning 180 degrees and landing on the top of the head of the Garcia that was previously holding it just seconds before. Blaze then yanks the knife out of his dying head and throws it into the denim covered groin of another Garcia. That Garcia screams in pain and falls to the floor. Blaze then picks that Garcia up using the knife’s handle as a handle and then throws him like a throwing axe at another Garcia. Through the impact of the final Garcia being hit with the previous Garcia, he is knocked through the glass window of a diner called Pine Pot. The window smashes and Blaze says: diner (not dinner) is served.


There is one last group of enemies stood around a large guy holding a boomerang. The guys surrounding the guy with the boomerang don’t look like Garcias; they have neon coloured jackets on, tight black jeans and cream coloured mohawks. Whoever you and your crew are, I suggest you step aside now, demands Axel. The guy holding the boomerang laughs, before saying: my name is Boomer and this is the Signal gang and neither me nor them are stepping aside for anyone or anything.


To be continued…